Eight Month Overview

The Vibe

Collaboration and challenge. The Cohort begins by traveling to Minneapolis together. After two days of learning, sharing, eating, and drinking, we will reconvene virtually every month. Our virtual time will be dynamic. It won't be a one way monologue. Training requires conversation, breakout groups, and lots of interaction with each another's ideas. Thanks to modern technology all of that can be done through video conferencing. The year will conclude with a 3 day gathering in Hunt, TX. We will complete our modules, make plans for the future, sit around a firepit, and play a lot of pickleball.

The Training

Registration Information


Per Person

Covers all eight months of training, food, materials, and monthly coaching calls. Travel costs and lodging in Minneapolis are not included.


2019 Deadline

August 15, 2019

This cohort is for teams desiring change. We highly recommend that you do not participate in the cohort alone. It well worth the cost to bring one or two other key team members (staff or lay-leaders), it saves countless hours of communication and creates necessary buy-in for cultural transformation. Signup together, spots are limited.

All Cohort Dates 2019-2020

October 16-17, 2019

Minneapolis, MN

The cohort begins in Minneapolis, we will be gathering in a large house for training, hanging out, telling stories, and we will do our meals together in the city.

May 6-8, 2020

Hunt, TX

We finish our eight month journey in Texas, on a beautiful ranch. We will play pickleball, shoot guns, sit around a firepit, and complete our training. Here we will finish up our sessions, talk about next steps, celebrate what God is doing and encourage each other into life beyond the cohort.

Virtual Dates

Video Conference

In between the travel dates we will meet virturally each month. For as the next steps of our process.


Shane Stacey

Shane Stacey

Shane is the co-creator of Building a Disciplemaking Culture Cohort and has led over two dozen churches through the process. He has served to bring a disciple-multiplying focus to teams on a local church level as well as on a national level where he helped hundreds of church leaders refocus their lives and ministries to fulfill the great commission. Shane is also a certified God Dreams Network Navigator with Auxano and a Multiplying Trainer with Life Younique: Gospel Centered Life Design Process. Shane currently serves as Adult Equipping Pastor at Hosanna Church a multi-site church in Lakeville, MN.

West Brazelton

West Brazelton

West is the planting pastor of Grace Bible Church (GBC) in Houston, Texas. GBC is 15 years old and has developed a small group model that has been effective in equipping participants to make disciples. The church currently has 1500 people participating in these disciple making small groups. West has also been a leader in the Bonhoeffer Project, which is a network of cohorts created by Bill Hull. These cohorts are designed to help pastors develop churches that effectively make disciple and multiply disciples of Jesus.

Ryan MacDiarmid

Ryan MacDiarmid

Ryan is the lead pastor of Creekside Church in Rocklin, CA. Over the past 5 years, Creekside has transitioned from a traditional small group modeled church to a missional community model. The transition required strategic shifts in training and equiping lay-leaders for ministry. They have also implemented replicating disciple-making systems for the men and women of their church through a program called TWELVE. Ryan found tremendous support and encouragement through the EFCA cohorts and is excited to carry them on to more pastors who desire new and more effective systems for disciple-making. Ryan also founded (with Mark Beuving) and regularly contributes to the blog jackasstheology.com


"This was not just another seminar. It was a true training that equipped our team to implement systems and structures we developed and owned. I've never experience such a practical outcome." - Ben Brandt, Associate Pastor, Park Community Church, MN

"If you're looking to do real work where you'll be guided and pushed to make real plans, develop real tools, and begin to implement strategies and structures in your church, then this is exactly what you need." - Mark Beuving Associate Pastor, Creekside Church, CA


Disciplemaking Cohorts are an extension of EFCA (Evangelical Free Church of America). The registration and much of the administrative support is handled by Creekside Church in Rocklin, CA. You can contact any of the trainers directly through their profiles. For administrative questions email Christina Walton.